Research & Innovation

We apply rigor and research to answer your organization's hardest question: what’s next?

What We Do.

The Research, Insights & Innovation team recognizes shifting trends and uncovers areas of improvement within your digital ecosystem. We do this through comprehensive research and exploratory work and then rapidly identify opportunities, develop proofs of concept, and test emerging technologies as they relate to business objectives. 

Applying qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as end-user input and expert analysis, we extract pertinent insights that inform digital product creation, improvement, and innovation. In some cases, our team then creates and builds the product experience.


Research & Insights
  • Discovery & Opportunity Identification
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Task Analysis
  • UX Benchmarking & Assessment
  • Service Blueprints
  • Outcome-Driven Innovation
  • Cognitive Sciences 
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Human Measurement (BCI, GSI, eye-tracking)
  • Usability Testing

How We Do It.

Our interdisciplinary Research, Insights & Innovation team consists of anthropologists, designers, engineers, strategists, futurists, and data-scientists. We allocate the appropriate talent and tailor our process to fit the specific requirements of every engagement.

Our team follows the following, well defined four-step framework:

1. Definition

We uncover true customer insight by connecting with your audience. 

Our research solutions create roadmaps that help define new digital experiences, articulate the right value proposition, and refine product concepts before investing in any design and development.

2. Measurement

We use methods that help us measure and prove our design and User Experience (UX) decisions deliver on your strategic business goals.

3. Optimization

By measuring user responses on existing products, as well as products in process of being defined, the team ensures your digital experiences align with your stated business goals and KPIs. 

This allows us to surface strategic and tactical recommendations that help make fast improvements and  create more engaging products. 

4. Action

After our research sessions, we build reports, validate assumptions through prototypes, hold workshops, and create content outlining recommendations to achieve their optional digital strategy.

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