Product Strategy & growth

Deliberately grow your digital products to optimize your growth focused investments.

To us, product strategy is reductive. By breaking big ideas down into small, testable kernels we can rely on experimentation and quantitative insights to steer products towards positive growth.

A Custom Approach

Discovery 'Lite'

Our aim is to get your tailored experimentation program up and running fast. Before we get started, we'll leverage workshops to uncover your business objectives, user insights and technical constraints.

Experimentation Sprints

We'll design an experimentation approach that matches your needs, built with a design thinking mindset.

Invest, Divest or Iterate

Through experimentation, we provide concrete direction to your product strategy. Results inform decision makers what product directions to invest in, which to iterate and develop further, and which to avoid altogether.

Case Study

Lifting User Engagement for a Fan Mega-Site

One of the most trafficked websites in the world caters to fans looking for answers on a wide range of pop culture topics. Its visitors don't stay long, though, regularly viewing only a single page before exiting. Adding insult to injury, this in-and-out behavior results in low brand recognition for the website; users were so quick to exit that they rarely noticed the website's name. The mixture of low engagement and low brand recognition proved to be the perfect foil against the company's ability to grow the site's ad revenue. To answer these challenges, Infront X developed a rapid experimentation program focused on lifting the website's stickiness, backed by an operational structure leveraging accountable, cross-functional teams.

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