Verizon 5G SuperStadium

Verizon explores how 5G can change the live viewing experience.
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Working with its numerous sports partners, Verizon set out to develop and deliver fan engagement experiences with robust immersive and interactive features made possible by the speed, low latency, and bandwidth of 5G technology.


Creating the Ultimate Fan Viewing Experience.

The Verizon 5G SuperStadium gives fans control over how they watch a live event. Fans can see plays develop on the field with up to seven different camera angles on their smartphone. Fans can also project live statistics and detail overlays in real time.


The 5G Bar is Set.

Verizon is planning on upgrading stadiums and arenas across the United States to 5G Ultra Wideband within the next year.  

Verizon, capitalizing on fans’ shifting viewing patterns, is leading the way with this latest innovation featuring:

  • Up to 7 camera angles 
  • Low latency and in-sync videos
  • Live replays
  • Augmented Reality overlays and social media sharing

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