Under Armour Ad Optimization

Revitalizing the digital ad landscape for the sports apparel giant.
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Under Armour needed to improve revenue on its Under Armour Connected Fitness (UACF) products. They sought to update outdated ad technology and revamp poor advertising strategies for their MyFitnessPal digital properties, including:

  • The MyFitnessPal website
  • The MyFitnessPal Blog 
  • The MyFitnessPal iOS and Android mobile applications


Understanding the Ecosystem.

Infront X audited ad implementation on UACF’s mobile and web properties to gain insights on growing incremental ad revenue. From this research, we provided comprehensive recommendations to improve ad technology and optimize their existing implementation processes.

Updating the Ad Models.

To increase the number of impressions per session and improve overall revenue on the MyFitnessPal properties, Infront X transitioned from the waterfall ad bidding model to header bidding, introduced new ad placements to improve ad visibility and implemented a delayed ad-triggering system.


Optimizing Results.

As a result of our research and ad strategies developed with Under Armour, we were able to help grow revenue for the Under Armour Connected Fitness products.

We were also able to: 

  • Update UACF’s ad technology with new best-in-class technology 
  • Optimize UACF’s programmatic ad inventory 
  • Improve and optimize ad placements on MyFitnessPal properties
  • Create operational efficiencies for UACF engineers and the rest of the team

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