Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) Classics Live

Engage turns classic ski races into new content.
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With decades of race content to pull from, FIS (the International Ski Federation) sought creative ways to repurpose archived footage to engage fans, expand on the history of the sport and provide new sponsorship opportunities for its partners.

FIS turned to its long-time partner, Infront X, to launch Classics Live using Engage.


Social Streaming.

Using Poll, FIS launched over 30 campaigns asking fans which races they wanted to see live streamed over social media. As a result, the organization garnered strong user interactions across all of their digital platforms.

Take Time Back.

Given Engage’s user-friendly interface, FIS could plan, create, and launch new media-rich campaigns within hours, helping quickly fill its social media calendar.


Growing the Base.

For some, skiing is only a winter sport; however, hardcore fans seek content all year long. FIS discovered that by using Engage, they can keep their fans engaged throughout the off-season too.

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