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The Daily Show leverages Vote for its Third Month Mania campaign.
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The Daily Show, hosted by Trevor Noah, wanted to connect with viewers and fans in a different way this year, especially as The Daily Show turned into “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” live from Trevor Noah’s couch in his New York City apartment.


Relevant Content.

Comedy Central leveraged Vote to create a bracket called “The Bracket of BULLS%&T: Pandemic Edition.” Voters were encouraged, via on-air callouts by Noah himself, to vote and interact with the content which was broken into four territories – social, safety, at home and entertainment.

Social Sharing.

In addition to voting on the most annoying things during the pandemic, fans were encouraged to share the bracket and their votes across social media.


Like with the previous Third Month Mania campaigns, this timely campaign generated millions of votes and fans spent significant time on the site engaging with the content.

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